Take a Piece of the Party Home

Sound Activated

Sound Activated

Light Flashing

Beat Vibbing Wristbands

Customized With 

YOUR Message

With Sound Activated

Light Flashing

Beat Vibing Bracelets

Complete with Your

Customized Message or Logo!

For those NOT Planning,

an Ordinary  Event!

Turn Your Celebration 

into an Event!

Sound Activated

Light Flashing

Beat Vibing Bracelets

Custom Embossed Message

Plus Full Color Logo

It's a Ticket. It's a Keepsake. It's a Lit-Bit.

Available in 7 Colors

Beat Glowing

Tickets.... to Your Event

If you want the party HOT, its got to be LIT!

Celebrations Lit Across America 

Served at some the best ...

Family Reunions

Wedding Receptions




Corporate Events

Grad Party

Block Party

House Party

Any Celebration

or Fundraiser

Make Your Party An Event

Hi Tris-

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The Lit-Bit bracelets were FABULOUS! The kids and adults loved them! The bracelets were the very first thing passed out during the night, and no one took them off! (I'm still wearing mine, and getting so many comments, two days later!) They were just so much fun! I can't wait to see and send you some pictures. I heard that it was really amazing to stand outside the ballroom and look in to see all the bracelets flashing!

The logo was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I was over-the-moon-excited when I saw those bracelets. They looked sooooooo adorable!

Working with you was pure joy! ...Thank you, Tris! Thank you for making this happen for us - it made us so happy and excited!



(and Colorful Cami, who loved the Lit-Bits!)

Birmingham MI

You always have a reason to celebrate, don't forget to Order the Lit-Bits!!!

If YOUR message is NOT on the band...then it's NOT a Lit-Bit on your hand.  

Thank you. The kids love your lit bits. They're a hit.

Southfield A & T High School

Southfield, MI

Great job!!!! 

Mathematics, Civics and Science Charter School of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA

Absolutely...the teachers were already playing with them!

Fredrick Douglass High School

Atlanta, GA

Available Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, White, or Pink

Thank You so very much! They turned out great!!! 'm so excited to pass them out! I'm wearing one now to promote sales &  should have ordered more! we will run out! Best thing since sliced bread! Thanks Tris 

Cincinnati, Oh

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These are awesome! I showered with mine, because I just didn't want to take it off.  It added a great touch of class to our all school reunion.  What and awesome souviner.  

Thanks Tris 

Immaculata High School All Class Reunion 2018

Southfield, MI

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